Hi! I'm Morgan. I am a culinary consultant and holistic wellness chef. I love all things food! My mission is to spread the message of whole foods; home cooking; and connection to where our food is coming from, how it affects our planet and us.

I love working with like-minded companies who share my philosophies and values on food and wellness. I believe in supporting companies that care about their impact on both their customers health and their environmental impact.

Shupe's Soups Culinary Consulting

Why Recipe Content?

As a culinary consultant I am here for all your creative food related needs. Whether that be recipe development, food writing, food photography/styling, or product consulting.

These services are supported by my extensive knowledge of the culinary arts, industry experience, nutrition training, and years of developing and testing recipes. When working on a project, I combine current food trends with an understanding of the target audience and the company's goal to generate concepts and develop them into exciting content or products for consumers.

Shupe's Soups Culinary Consulting
Shupe's Soups Culinary Consulting

What can I do for you?

Recipe Development

Every recipe is tested until it’s perfect, using tools and equipment available to the home cook. Each finished recipe, above all, tastes fantastic. Are clearly written in fine detail to ensure each home cooks success. All content is SEO optimized. Recipes development for specific dietary needs ( i.e. gluten-free, vegan, paleo, health oriented, ect.) is available. An accompanied nutritional analysis is also available if desired.


I can make, style, and shoot recipes/products for an affordable alternative to having large photo shoot sessions.I am also available for food styling during professional shoots.

EVENTS, Trainings, and other services

I know a lot about food & nutrition and I want to help others live their best food life. Let’s find a creative way to educate your customers about incorporating your product into their kitchen. Some possibilities are team building events, cooking lessons, hosting corporate or social media health/cooking challenges.

Product development and redevelopment

Working towards your product goals, I can help create or redevelop products using whole foods. My goals to make products from real food while making them taste amazing, cost efficient, and healthy.

portfolio and Rates available through email

Shupe's Soups Culinary Consulting